Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Reflections

Looking back on the Summer of 2009- Memorable Moments

-Two classes closer to be a Master.
-Whitewater Rafting Trip-terrified, but did it!
-PBC -Hero- My first week on staff, loved it!
-VBS Crocodile Dock - Kyle almost cut his finger off, Sang with the Praise Team, Had a blast.
-Ran my first 5K
-Became an Aunt!
-Bought my first pair of pants in a certain size since, I won't say when!
-Atlanta Day with my husband- Aquarium, Braves Fun!
-Harry Potter 6 at Midnight with great friends!
-Roommate Weekend 2009 to Tybee Island. I love them. My roommates that is.
-Wedding of a close friend. Very special day!
-Spur of the moment beach trip with my momma!
-Great time with family and friends. Lots of fun dinners and special visits.

Here's the point: Did you have a special summer? 2009 was one for the record books for me! 10 short weeks of too many memories to count!