Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2/8 Years.

Today I have been married to my wonderful husband for 2 years and have been his girlfriend for 8 years. When I see him each day, my heart still skips a beat. When I say his name,  I can't help but smile. He is the love of  my life and my true, best friend. Here is a picture from then and now... 

Junior Prom, 1 year dating anniversary, April 21, 2002

Our wedding, April 21st, 2007. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring has Sprung...

It is here! I could tell you that weeks ago by the crazy way the children at school have been acting. At the Jurek household we finally got our act together and did some spring cleaning. Two huge bags of clothes and an old computer monitor to Goodwill and some yard work. Check out our hard work before (the bottom picture) and after shots (all the rest!) 

Monday, April 6, 2009

April Surprise!

So it finally came! April Surprise and boy was Kyle surprised. We really had a great weekend in Charleston. We had some much needed "us" time to relax and have some fun out in the sun together. We also got to see our favorite comedian, Brian Regan. He is SO very funny and really clean. There were elementary age kids everywhere, but I tell you - this guys is hilarious! 

Weekends like these are just so great to have every now and then. They make me so thankful for the job I have and the life I have been blessed with living each and every day. Click here for more pictures if you would like! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Falls Creek

Yesterday we hiked Falls Creek (the waterfall near PBC). It was rated a strenuous 1.7 mile hike that should take an hour and a half to 2 hours. We were at the top in 50 minutes! It was Mac's first hike and she loved it! I would highly recommend it- the last little bit is the hardest, but the view was so worth it! 

Success at LAST

Okay- I have been a busy bee lately preparing for a spring break weekend in Charleston. I have been planning for months now and it is almost here. Here is the fun part- Kyle has NO idea! He thinks we are going on a day trip and his best guess is that we are going to Charlotte!! He is going to be shocked! I am packing his suitcase and everything.
Now in order to go on our first beach trip I was in desparate need of two things: 
1) Beach Chairs
 2) Modest Swimsuit. 

My thoughts- It is spring break- How hard can this be... Man I was WRONG. Please trust that I went all over creation looking for these items. Apparently you cannot look modest at 23 anymore without looking like you are 75! 

My LAST stop, I found exactly what I wanted! So if you are after these items- Academy Sport and Outdoors is your place! Take my word for it! And the swimsuit was a really good price ($15 for the tankini top and $15 for the bottoms).

Beach Chairs- Check 
Sunscreen- Check
Frisbee Flyer- Check 
Cute Beach Bag- Check
Swimsuits- Check 
A great husband to surprise- CHECK! 

Can't Wait! More to come!!