Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Reflections

Looking back on the Summer of 2009- Memorable Moments

-Two classes closer to be a Master.
-Whitewater Rafting Trip-terrified, but did it!
-PBC -Hero- My first week on staff, loved it!
-VBS Crocodile Dock - Kyle almost cut his finger off, Sang with the Praise Team, Had a blast.
-Ran my first 5K
-Became an Aunt!
-Bought my first pair of pants in a certain size since, I won't say when!
-Atlanta Day with my husband- Aquarium, Braves Fun!
-Harry Potter 6 at Midnight with great friends!
-Roommate Weekend 2009 to Tybee Island. I love them. My roommates that is.
-Wedding of a close friend. Very special day!
-Spur of the moment beach trip with my momma!
-Great time with family and friends. Lots of fun dinners and special visits.

Here's the point: Did you have a special summer? 2009 was one for the record books for me! 10 short weeks of too many memories to count!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Actions Speak Louder than Words...

Kyle and I had the privilege to attend our friend's wedding this past weekend. Cassandra and Josh met their freshman year of college and dated throughout school. We were so excited to be apart of their special day. Cassandra has some hearing loss related issues and wears hearing aides. Her father, has a more severe hearing loss and primarily signs- I am not sure the official extent on any of this. So at this wedding, which was beautiful, there was an interpreter for the family and guests. This was really cool!!

So enough of the back story. Cassandra's dad walked her down the aisle, to many glistening tears. She was absolutely radiant. Then as he gave her away he turned to sit with his wife. Cassandra signed, I love you, but he didn't see. She grabbed his arm, and he didn't feel her. As he sat down, she kept her eyes focused on him and signed to her mom to get his attention. Then as he looked up, she signed I LOVE YOU with the strongest emotion I think could ever be displayed between a child and parent.

This moment truly brought me to tears. What a special connection and bond spoken through such a simple action.
In the above picture, it is the father daughter dance. With an interpreter singing and dancing the lyrics. It was probably the coolest thing I have ever seen.

So here's the point:
Have you had any moments where actions spoke to you recently?

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Please stop what you are doing and pray for this family... One of my amazingly wonderful college roommate(s) was incredibly close to this family throughout college. Pray for her and her peace and pray for this family as they struggle through these circumstances...

We are praying for you Vangsnes family!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Maybe the best thing since sliced bread...

Okay- So we have a dog and a cat. We love our dog and cat. And (GASP!) we allow our dog and cat onto our furniture etc. I know- they are dirty probably- but we just love them so much!!

Today I was in Target and I saw this...
which potentially has the potential to be the best thing since sliced bread. Yea, we could get the vacuum out and clean off the furniture- but for the "quick, company will be here in 5 minutes" this may be my go to item. And it is disposable once full.

So here is the point: I will let you know in a few weeks!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Best Week Ever?

So in one week, I was reminded of the tremendous blessings I have through my relationships in life.

Tuesday- At midnight, I got to watch Harry Potter with my best friends and best family friends. This has become an unspoken tradition for my college roommates and me, and we got to sit with the Cooper's too!!

Wednesday- Baby Emma Keslyn Hawk was born at 1:40 PM, 7lbs 3 oz, 21 inches long. We are now Uncle Kyle and Aunt Maddie. This was a really exciting thing to see and spend time with our niece on her first day in the world.
Thursday- Kyle and I traveled to the Atlanta Aquarium, IKEA, the Mall and to see our Atlanta Braves. We saw two home-runs, some great plays and the Braves one.

Relationships are so vital and key to our every day lives. I love the fact that I have people all around me in each relationship that I care tremendously for and I know care for me too! While I feel blessed to have the experiences I have had this week, the blessing of the relationship with all of these people makes it even better!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A day in the life...

1) Okay. We are "watching" two dogs this week... In addition to our lovely crazy Mac puppy. Did I mention, that equals a total of 3 dogs for one week??? Well- of course it rained today, which is the worst possible thing for one dog, much less 3. Two ended up with baths because they got so dirty! (I know, we should just leave them all outside- but I am such a push-over!!) Kyle and I have joked that having Mac's "friends" over for the week seems like a foreshadowing to when our kid's have sleepovers one day. Mac tries to get away with things and is constantly showing off...More on a great new Mac adventure shortly...

Mac and Honey
Mac and Cozy

2) Patience- That is the fruit of the spirit I am studying for the next week or two. I think God knew the 3 dogs for a whole week were in my future. The fruit on the cover of my book is a watermelon and it makes me crave watermelon so badly every time I look at it!

3) My run today, was pretty much amazing. I ran down a local road with a sidewalk tonight and clocked it after. I ran 1.8 miles (without stopping) then climbed up the hill towards home for .8 and then ran the final mile. That is a total of 3.6 miles in 45 minutes. I was very excited about this.

4) I get home, all pumped from this exciting run and decide that my puppy, Mac needs a little individual TLC. She is used to having all of our attention and with two other dogs, we have been very neglectful. So, I decide, I could stand a short cool down walk from my run - so I grab a leash and off we go for a short walk.
Well- apparently it was just long enough for Mac to take care of what was necessary in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. I normally have small bags for this, but since this was a spur of the moment, relaxing, cool down walk- I had nothing with me. Not one thing. Nothing. So I am standing there and I realize two things:
  1. This is a huge pile.
  2. There is the lady who is always on her front porch, right there. Right behind me.
So- I am torn with what to do. If I leave it- the lady (who is probably the president of our HOA) will probably get mad. But, remember, I have nothing. I realize I have a sports bra on and I think about taking my shirt off- but despite all my running, I am really not wanting to do this. Then it hits me. I slip my shoe off quickly and rip off my sock and pick it up as fast as possible. Then we high tail it back home. I think Mac thought this was her best trick yet.

So here is the point: God has put patience on my heart on a week where I am watching 3 dogs. I didn't get frustrated with Mac for doing what she had to do, but I do think I deserve some major creativity points.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Table Rock

So this week, in lieu of two running days (Monday and Tuesday)- Kyle and I (and Mac too) "beasted" Table Rock. Through the 3.6 mile hike (one way) you climb 2,000 feet in elevation. That is a climb of almost 7 football fields straight up. The resulting elevation is 3,157 feet. That is pretty darn high.

Here is the cool thing- We made it up to the summit in a little under 2 hours and we made it down going full force ahead in about an hour and 40 minutes. To me that means on the way up we were moving at quite the clip- apparently "clip" was the word of my day that day. Kyle said I used it several times.

The not so cool thing- we saw two snakes. Mac just stepped over them leisurely. Thanks a lot guard dog who freaks when the doorbell rings...

The view was absolutely spectacular. Just really beautiful. Of course, I left my camera charger in NA, so I have no pictures to prove it- but I have some video, which may take a minute to download.

Here's the point: Spur of the moment hiking trips with your family are the best.