Thursday, July 9, 2009

Table Rock

So this week, in lieu of two running days (Monday and Tuesday)- Kyle and I (and Mac too) "beasted" Table Rock. Through the 3.6 mile hike (one way) you climb 2,000 feet in elevation. That is a climb of almost 7 football fields straight up. The resulting elevation is 3,157 feet. That is pretty darn high.

Here is the cool thing- We made it up to the summit in a little under 2 hours and we made it down going full force ahead in about an hour and 40 minutes. To me that means on the way up we were moving at quite the clip- apparently "clip" was the word of my day that day. Kyle said I used it several times.

The not so cool thing- we saw two snakes. Mac just stepped over them leisurely. Thanks a lot guard dog who freaks when the doorbell rings...

The view was absolutely spectacular. Just really beautiful. Of course, I left my camera charger in NA, so I have no pictures to prove it- but I have some video, which may take a minute to download.

Here's the point: Spur of the moment hiking trips with your family are the best.

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  1. Too bad I couldn't have joined you guys. Proud of you for this monumental hike!! We will join you for dinner Saturday. Just tell us the time! Thanks for the invitation.