Friday, July 17, 2009

The Best Week Ever?

So in one week, I was reminded of the tremendous blessings I have through my relationships in life.

Tuesday- At midnight, I got to watch Harry Potter with my best friends and best family friends. This has become an unspoken tradition for my college roommates and me, and we got to sit with the Cooper's too!!

Wednesday- Baby Emma Keslyn Hawk was born at 1:40 PM, 7lbs 3 oz, 21 inches long. We are now Uncle Kyle and Aunt Maddie. This was a really exciting thing to see and spend time with our niece on her first day in the world.
Thursday- Kyle and I traveled to the Atlanta Aquarium, IKEA, the Mall and to see our Atlanta Braves. We saw two home-runs, some great plays and the Braves one.

Relationships are so vital and key to our every day lives. I love the fact that I have people all around me in each relationship that I care tremendously for and I know care for me too! While I feel blessed to have the experiences I have had this week, the blessing of the relationship with all of these people makes it even better!