Monday, July 13, 2009

A day in the life...

1) Okay. We are "watching" two dogs this week... In addition to our lovely crazy Mac puppy. Did I mention, that equals a total of 3 dogs for one week??? Well- of course it rained today, which is the worst possible thing for one dog, much less 3. Two ended up with baths because they got so dirty! (I know, we should just leave them all outside- but I am such a push-over!!) Kyle and I have joked that having Mac's "friends" over for the week seems like a foreshadowing to when our kid's have sleepovers one day. Mac tries to get away with things and is constantly showing off...More on a great new Mac adventure shortly...

Mac and Honey
Mac and Cozy

2) Patience- That is the fruit of the spirit I am studying for the next week or two. I think God knew the 3 dogs for a whole week were in my future. The fruit on the cover of my book is a watermelon and it makes me crave watermelon so badly every time I look at it!

3) My run today, was pretty much amazing. I ran down a local road with a sidewalk tonight and clocked it after. I ran 1.8 miles (without stopping) then climbed up the hill towards home for .8 and then ran the final mile. That is a total of 3.6 miles in 45 minutes. I was very excited about this.

4) I get home, all pumped from this exciting run and decide that my puppy, Mac needs a little individual TLC. She is used to having all of our attention and with two other dogs, we have been very neglectful. So, I decide, I could stand a short cool down walk from my run - so I grab a leash and off we go for a short walk.
Well- apparently it was just long enough for Mac to take care of what was necessary in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. I normally have small bags for this, but since this was a spur of the moment, relaxing, cool down walk- I had nothing with me. Not one thing. Nothing. So I am standing there and I realize two things:
  1. This is a huge pile.
  2. There is the lady who is always on her front porch, right there. Right behind me.
So- I am torn with what to do. If I leave it- the lady (who is probably the president of our HOA) will probably get mad. But, remember, I have nothing. I realize I have a sports bra on and I think about taking my shirt off- but despite all my running, I am really not wanting to do this. Then it hits me. I slip my shoe off quickly and rip off my sock and pick it up as fast as possible. Then we high tail it back home. I think Mac thought this was her best trick yet.

So here is the point: God has put patience on my heart on a week where I am watching 3 dogs. I didn't get frustrated with Mac for doing what she had to do, but I do think I deserve some major creativity points.


  1. You are... so crazy!!! LOL! Thanks for the laugh! Patience is hard for me! Praying for you. Hugs:)

  2. I giggled out loud as I envisioned you scooping up dog poo with your sock! Can't wait to tell Stan. :) Great job on the run. I am so impressed.