Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Reflections

Looking back on the Summer of 2009- Memorable Moments

-Two classes closer to be a Master.
-Whitewater Rafting Trip-terrified, but did it!
-PBC -Hero- My first week on staff, loved it!
-VBS Crocodile Dock - Kyle almost cut his finger off, Sang with the Praise Team, Had a blast.
-Ran my first 5K
-Became an Aunt!
-Bought my first pair of pants in a certain size since, I won't say when!
-Atlanta Day with my husband- Aquarium, Braves Fun!
-Harry Potter 6 at Midnight with great friends!
-Roommate Weekend 2009 to Tybee Island. I love them. My roommates that is.
-Wedding of a close friend. Very special day!
-Spur of the moment beach trip with my momma!
-Great time with family and friends. Lots of fun dinners and special visits.

Here's the point: Did you have a special summer? 2009 was one for the record books for me! 10 short weeks of too many memories to count!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Actions Speak Louder than Words...

Kyle and I had the privilege to attend our friend's wedding this past weekend. Cassandra and Josh met their freshman year of college and dated throughout school. We were so excited to be apart of their special day. Cassandra has some hearing loss related issues and wears hearing aides. Her father, has a more severe hearing loss and primarily signs- I am not sure the official extent on any of this. So at this wedding, which was beautiful, there was an interpreter for the family and guests. This was really cool!!

So enough of the back story. Cassandra's dad walked her down the aisle, to many glistening tears. She was absolutely radiant. Then as he gave her away he turned to sit with his wife. Cassandra signed, I love you, but he didn't see. She grabbed his arm, and he didn't feel her. As he sat down, she kept her eyes focused on him and signed to her mom to get his attention. Then as he looked up, she signed I LOVE YOU with the strongest emotion I think could ever be displayed between a child and parent.

This moment truly brought me to tears. What a special connection and bond spoken through such a simple action.
In the above picture, it is the father daughter dance. With an interpreter singing and dancing the lyrics. It was probably the coolest thing I have ever seen.

So here's the point:
Have you had any moments where actions spoke to you recently?

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Please stop what you are doing and pray for this family... One of my amazingly wonderful college roommate(s) was incredibly close to this family throughout college. Pray for her and her peace and pray for this family as they struggle through these circumstances...

We are praying for you Vangsnes family!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Maybe the best thing since sliced bread...

Okay- So we have a dog and a cat. We love our dog and cat. And (GASP!) we allow our dog and cat onto our furniture etc. I know- they are dirty probably- but we just love them so much!!

Today I was in Target and I saw this...
which potentially has the potential to be the best thing since sliced bread. Yea, we could get the vacuum out and clean off the furniture- but for the "quick, company will be here in 5 minutes" this may be my go to item. And it is disposable once full.

So here is the point: I will let you know in a few weeks!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Best Week Ever?

So in one week, I was reminded of the tremendous blessings I have through my relationships in life.

Tuesday- At midnight, I got to watch Harry Potter with my best friends and best family friends. This has become an unspoken tradition for my college roommates and me, and we got to sit with the Cooper's too!!

Wednesday- Baby Emma Keslyn Hawk was born at 1:40 PM, 7lbs 3 oz, 21 inches long. We are now Uncle Kyle and Aunt Maddie. This was a really exciting thing to see and spend time with our niece on her first day in the world.
Thursday- Kyle and I traveled to the Atlanta Aquarium, IKEA, the Mall and to see our Atlanta Braves. We saw two home-runs, some great plays and the Braves one.

Relationships are so vital and key to our every day lives. I love the fact that I have people all around me in each relationship that I care tremendously for and I know care for me too! While I feel blessed to have the experiences I have had this week, the blessing of the relationship with all of these people makes it even better!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A day in the life...

1) Okay. We are "watching" two dogs this week... In addition to our lovely crazy Mac puppy. Did I mention, that equals a total of 3 dogs for one week??? Well- of course it rained today, which is the worst possible thing for one dog, much less 3. Two ended up with baths because they got so dirty! (I know, we should just leave them all outside- but I am such a push-over!!) Kyle and I have joked that having Mac's "friends" over for the week seems like a foreshadowing to when our kid's have sleepovers one day. Mac tries to get away with things and is constantly showing off...More on a great new Mac adventure shortly...

Mac and Honey
Mac and Cozy

2) Patience- That is the fruit of the spirit I am studying for the next week or two. I think God knew the 3 dogs for a whole week were in my future. The fruit on the cover of my book is a watermelon and it makes me crave watermelon so badly every time I look at it!

3) My run today, was pretty much amazing. I ran down a local road with a sidewalk tonight and clocked it after. I ran 1.8 miles (without stopping) then climbed up the hill towards home for .8 and then ran the final mile. That is a total of 3.6 miles in 45 minutes. I was very excited about this.

4) I get home, all pumped from this exciting run and decide that my puppy, Mac needs a little individual TLC. She is used to having all of our attention and with two other dogs, we have been very neglectful. So, I decide, I could stand a short cool down walk from my run - so I grab a leash and off we go for a short walk.
Well- apparently it was just long enough for Mac to take care of what was necessary in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. I normally have small bags for this, but since this was a spur of the moment, relaxing, cool down walk- I had nothing with me. Not one thing. Nothing. So I am standing there and I realize two things:
  1. This is a huge pile.
  2. There is the lady who is always on her front porch, right there. Right behind me.
So- I am torn with what to do. If I leave it- the lady (who is probably the president of our HOA) will probably get mad. But, remember, I have nothing. I realize I have a sports bra on and I think about taking my shirt off- but despite all my running, I am really not wanting to do this. Then it hits me. I slip my shoe off quickly and rip off my sock and pick it up as fast as possible. Then we high tail it back home. I think Mac thought this was her best trick yet.

So here is the point: God has put patience on my heart on a week where I am watching 3 dogs. I didn't get frustrated with Mac for doing what she had to do, but I do think I deserve some major creativity points.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Table Rock

So this week, in lieu of two running days (Monday and Tuesday)- Kyle and I (and Mac too) "beasted" Table Rock. Through the 3.6 mile hike (one way) you climb 2,000 feet in elevation. That is a climb of almost 7 football fields straight up. The resulting elevation is 3,157 feet. That is pretty darn high.

Here is the cool thing- We made it up to the summit in a little under 2 hours and we made it down going full force ahead in about an hour and 40 minutes. To me that means on the way up we were moving at quite the clip- apparently "clip" was the word of my day that day. Kyle said I used it several times.

The not so cool thing- we saw two snakes. Mac just stepped over them leisurely. Thanks a lot guard dog who freaks when the doorbell rings...

The view was absolutely spectacular. Just really beautiful. Of course, I left my camera charger in NA, so I have no pictures to prove it- but I have some video, which may take a minute to download.

Here's the point: Spur of the moment hiking trips with your family are the best.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Let the River Run Wild and Free...

"Let the river run wild and free,
the river of Your love for me.
Fill my heart and my soul,
till I overflow."

This weekend I had a fantastic time with brothers and sisters from Clemson and Central, but really we had people come from all over the state just for the rafting trip. It was a great time of camp fire chat, games, good food, great fellowship and rafting!
We really had a blast and I am so glad we were able to go to celebrate Kyle's birthday. My heart and soul were filled with wonderful memories and some great laughs! Here are a few pictures. More can be accessed here.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have been studying Peace from a Fruit of the Spirit bible study... The study last night was on Psalm 91 and says to start at verse 14 and insert your name for all he/him words... this is what I got...

Psalm 91: 14-16
"Because Maddie loves me," says the LORD, "I
will rescue Maddie; I will protect Maddie, for Maddie acknowledges my name.
Maddie will call upon me, and I will answer Maddie;
I will be with Maddie in trouble, I will deliver Maddie and honor Maddie.
With long life will I satisfy Maddie and show Maddie my salvation."

Pretty powerful. Try your name. Say it aloud for the best effect.

So here's the point: I am working on getting peace in my life. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

It is a done deal!

So today I registered for the 5K. I am going to do it. I have set my mind to it. I have been thinking about it for a week and since then I have ran  2 miles on 3 separate occasions, ran 1 mile, and walked 1 mile every day that I wasn't running... The hard part will be finding time to run at camp next week...

My goal: Realistically, I cannot run the entire thing. I would die. But I know I can run twice as much as I walk. And if I walk as little as I am planning, my goal is to do the run in under 38 minutes. Hey, not record breaking by any stretch, but it breaks any record for me as a Jurek (maybe even faster than my soccer-playing Harlan days...) 

So here is the point: Pray. Hard



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Step by Step

Ok. You know how you get those crazy thoughts in your head sometimes? You know, the ones that just put you in bad mood? Well- tonight was one of those nights. I thought, I am going to go buy a new pair of shoes after church. That will help... Well, I found no shoes. Then I get home and think, okay- I am going to go on a walk with Mac. That will help... Then it escalated to, I am going to go on a run with Mac. That will help... Then it finally reached, I am going to do 2 neighborhood laps with Mac. That will help... and I feel great! 

2 Miles in 30 minutes. We probably ran 1.5 and walked .5. I pushed myself. And to top it off, when I really was having a tough time, my fav. song "Don't Stop Believing'" came on (my iPod)  and I thought about all the great times rockin' out to it with my best friend and I DID IT! 

So here's the point: Now I am thinking about running a Candlelight  5K with my college  roommie Jenn. Thoughts? 

"She's just a small town girl..." 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This is what I do...

I work with 150 choral students out of a program of 275 every day. I listen to complaints, deal with poor attitudes, file music, write receipts, file uniforms, talk through broken hearts, speak comforting words when times are not so great, write referrals (I hate doing this!), look at baby sonograms (twice this year alone), arrange chairs, chaperone bus trips, fill out paperwork, make programs, organize, organize, organize. What I really do, is encourage young musicians to find their inner voice in life to stand strong. We make music with our lives. At our final Spring concert Thursday night, these students made music. 

Ascribe to the Lord- All women's piece. Really Great. 

Psalm 23- Please listen to this. It is my favorite piece of music. (Lauda means Praise

Omnia Sol- SATB, 10-12th grade. The text speaks for itself. Just stunning. 

Somewhere far from nowhere, I grew both strong and tall…
Longing to become, but knowing not the path at all!
But the footprints of the winter melted to fields of spring;
One last embrace before I cross the threshold: To life we sing!

O stay your soul and leave my heart its song!
O stay your hand; the journey may be long!
And when we part, and sorrow can’t be sway’d….
Remember when, and let your heart be staid.

Omnia sol temperat,
Absens in remota.
Ama me fideliter,
Fidem mean noto.
(Translation: The sun warms everything,
even while I am far away.
Love me faithfully,
and know that I am faithful.) 

Weave the dance and raise the chorus; grieve no more…
Through the strength of Orion, find refuge from the shore!
Let courage be your oar, let passion be your sail;
Wisdom and truth will guide your deep heart’s yearning, though all travail!

O stay your soul and leave my heart its song!
O stay your hand; the journey may be long!
And when we part, and sorrow can’t be sway’d…
Remember when, and let your heart be staid.

Omnia sol temperat,
Absens in remota.
Ama me fideliter,
Fidem mean noto.

Omnia sol temperat, (Ah ah ah ah ah ma)
And when we part, and sorrow can’t be sway’d…
Remember when…
Remember when…
And let your heart be staid… Be staid.

Monday, May 18, 2009


What makes you tired just thinking about it? For my current class, I have tried twice in 24 hours to read assignments for this week. Within 5 minutes of reading, I have been out like a light. Must be something about a 4 inch book on Music Research Articles....and the thought of the 20 page final thesis paper due at the end of June... 

What is making you tired just thinking about it? 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Working like a mad woman...

Well, seeing as the date of my last blog was my anniversary- Things here have been a little hectic. In fact, as a write this blog, I am sitting at DHS on a Sunday afternoon waiting on music packets to copy for our Spring concert Tuesday.

I had a great time with the students in Williamsburg last weekend, but really weekend trips mean working 12 days in a row, which is just crazy when you throw in concerts and other end-of-year madness.

It is the final countdown...

3 School Related Performances
2 Chamber Singers Performances
1 School Chorus Banquet

and I am OUT for the summer. I start back with my next Master's class tomorrow to top it all off. Yikes!

So here's the point: In three weeks, will June 4th really be here??

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2/8 Years.

Today I have been married to my wonderful husband for 2 years and have been his girlfriend for 8 years. When I see him each day, my heart still skips a beat. When I say his name,  I can't help but smile. He is the love of  my life and my true, best friend. Here is a picture from then and now... 

Junior Prom, 1 year dating anniversary, April 21, 2002

Our wedding, April 21st, 2007. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring has Sprung...

It is here! I could tell you that weeks ago by the crazy way the children at school have been acting. At the Jurek household we finally got our act together and did some spring cleaning. Two huge bags of clothes and an old computer monitor to Goodwill and some yard work. Check out our hard work before (the bottom picture) and after shots (all the rest!) 

Monday, April 6, 2009

April Surprise!

So it finally came! April Surprise and boy was Kyle surprised. We really had a great weekend in Charleston. We had some much needed "us" time to relax and have some fun out in the sun together. We also got to see our favorite comedian, Brian Regan. He is SO very funny and really clean. There were elementary age kids everywhere, but I tell you - this guys is hilarious! 

Weekends like these are just so great to have every now and then. They make me so thankful for the job I have and the life I have been blessed with living each and every day. Click here for more pictures if you would like! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Falls Creek

Yesterday we hiked Falls Creek (the waterfall near PBC). It was rated a strenuous 1.7 mile hike that should take an hour and a half to 2 hours. We were at the top in 50 minutes! It was Mac's first hike and she loved it! I would highly recommend it- the last little bit is the hardest, but the view was so worth it! 

Success at LAST

Okay- I have been a busy bee lately preparing for a spring break weekend in Charleston. I have been planning for months now and it is almost here. Here is the fun part- Kyle has NO idea! He thinks we are going on a day trip and his best guess is that we are going to Charlotte!! He is going to be shocked! I am packing his suitcase and everything.
Now in order to go on our first beach trip I was in desparate need of two things: 
1) Beach Chairs
 2) Modest Swimsuit. 

My thoughts- It is spring break- How hard can this be... Man I was WRONG. Please trust that I went all over creation looking for these items. Apparently you cannot look modest at 23 anymore without looking like you are 75! 

My LAST stop, I found exactly what I wanted! So if you are after these items- Academy Sport and Outdoors is your place! Take my word for it! And the swimsuit was a really good price ($15 for the tankini top and $15 for the bottoms).

Beach Chairs- Check 
Sunscreen- Check
Frisbee Flyer- Check 
Cute Beach Bag- Check
Swimsuits- Check 
A great husband to surprise- CHECK! 

Can't Wait! More to come!! 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Family

Just some pictures of my family- Brother, Sister, Mom, Dad... Sister-in -law, brother-in-law, Kyle's folks...
(I bet you can tell I REALLY don't want to write that paper!!) 

What A Week!

Not great, Not bad, just WOW. What a week. 

Things at work have been crazy, just the usual there as we prepare to All State (next Thursday-Saturday), District Festival (the following Tuesday) and State Festival. Also this week I started back work on my Master's Degree. My current course is Research and Bibliography- which basically means, lots of reading and writing about how to reading and write.

To top it off, my kids went psycho on Friday and on Thursday I found out I have another pregnant student. In the 3 years I have been teaching, this is the 4th (that I have known about)- which is just added stress to think about the poor kid. I really wanted her to do well- she was doing so much better, but this was just a bad choice. 

Kyle is working all weekend, but I am really enjoying the time at home to clean, reflect on the past week and do homework. The rainy weather has also kept me in, which is nice because it makes me get things done. 

On a positive note, I have walked the dog about a mile every day this week, done pilates 3 times (about to be 4) and have been limiting and watching what I eat every day this week cutting out about 300-400 calories a day. YAY for me. But this is not a DIET, I refuse to use the D-word, because then I will quit. :) 

So here's the point: I know this is not my usual type of blog, but this has not been the usual type week! 

Saturday, March 7, 2009


This weekend, our church held a marriage retreat at the Ridgecrest Conference Center in North Carolina. It was a great weekend of fun, fellow-shipping, worship, learning and hiking. While the weekend had great speaking and lessons, I most enjoyed spending time with other married couples and hearing their stories of marriage through the seasons. Also, Kyle and I had the opportunity to hike around the Ridgecrest property and enjoy God's beautiful creation. It was just great to be alone and away from the world (no TV!) and spend time together talking and enjoying the outdoors. 

So here's the point: Nothing beats learning from other Christian couples and spending time with your husband in God's great creation! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bad Girls of the Bible...

After a while of browsing at Barnes and Noble today (during my 2nd snow day in a row!!)- I came across this book 

Of course I was immediatley intrigued by the title. It jogged my memory, I had heard it before and was interested to see what it was all about. This is the poem by the author that summarizes the book: 

Eve had a hunger that cost her a garden;

Potiphar's wife had an appetite too;

Lot lost his mate when her past swirled around her;

Delilah went bad when she snipped a new 'do.

Sapphira fell flat when it came down to money;

Jezebel ordered her husband around;

Michal missed the message in King David's worship;

To the bone, in a moment, their badness was found.


A woman of Samaria found a thirst quencher;

A sinner, a woman, anointed Christ's feet; 

Rahab, the harlot, became a beliver;

Her sin, like the walls, crumbled down defeat. 

Bad for a season, but no, not forever, 

Not these three role models, saved from despair. 

Made new by God, their changed lives teach the lesson:

If we but ask him, grace waits for us there. 

-Liz Curtis Higgs 

Wow- I mean really, is there not one thing that I cannot claim to have struggled with that these "bad" women did!!

One final quote from the author: 

"When she was perfect, beautiful, and innocent, I found no toehold where I could connect with Eve. When she was tempted by her flesh, humbled by her sin, and redeemed by her God, I could sing out, "Oh, sister Eve! Can we talk?" 

So here's the point, I am spending some time reflected on my own Bad Girl self and seeing how I can learn from these women in the Bible. 

All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness. 

II Timothy 3:16. 

...Even the Bad Girls. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

I just love Snow days. The beautiful bright white, the feeling that it is okay to have pj's on the majority of the day, the feeling like you have an extra day in your week to get things done at home. There are also things I don't like, primarily being the power going out last night while your husband is at work! But I survived, the power is back (and so is my husband) and I am glad to have a day just to stay home!

So here's the point: I am going to use this day to the best of my ability! It is a free day that is a gift! 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We may have a winner

So, as many know, Kyle and I adopted a puppy this past Labor day. She has been a great family addition, but what I hand full. She has also become quite the topic of conversation as to what breed of dog she is... the most common response thus far has been lab and something. Well, her paperwork says German Shepherd, which we just don't get. The other night Kyle was watching TV and he found these dogs, the Rhodesian Ridgeback. We have never found a closer match. 
Here is our little Mac, first as a puppy with her buddy Cozy (Top right) , then more current (Top left) ... Compared with the puppy and grown Rhodesian... Notice they sit the same as puppies and they both have the white spots on chest... Interesting find in our opinion. 

So here's the point... these dogs are not full grown until 3 years of age...meaning the Jurek family still has a lot of growing to do... Uh-oh! 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

January 2008... I mean Feb. 2009!

I feel that time just keeps on moving and passing me by! I really cannot get over how quickly the year is going. Is anyone else still writing 2008 at the ends of dates? To make matters worse, apprently in my brain I still think it is January. So I have rewritten many a check, because apparently my brain thinks that it is still January 2008!!

I am really looking forward to a lazy weekend this weekend. Kyle is working and I only have one big project for Saturday: Attempting to make my first Cheesecake. It is Snickers and for our small group. So we will see how that turns out.

This week we have had an amazing marriage conference at church. I really appreciate how forward our speakers were (Lynn and Jerry Jones) with very direct, concrete, step based things to apply to your marriage. I know we can't incorporate them all, but hey- we are going to try to go on a walk together today. :) Also, we are two months away from our anniversary to we are going to try their goal suggestion.
Marriage Goals (Yearly evaluation):
What did we accomplish this year?
What are my top 6 goals for this year?
Then you are to swap papers, read each others goals and create your goals as a couple.

So here's the point: Now I have 2 months to decide my big 6 for the coming year (2009-2010), when I am still stuck in January 2008. This could be tough!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Busywork, mostly

The Message- Ecc. 3: 9-13, 14-15
But in the end, does it really make a difference what anyone does? I've had a good look at what God has given us to do-busywork, mostly. True, God made everything beautiful in itself and in its time-but he's left us in the dark, so we can never know what God is up to...I've decided there is nothing better to do than go ahead and have a good time and get the most we can out of life. That's it-- eat, drink, and make the most of your job. It's God's gift. 
I've also concluded that whatever God does, that's the way it's going to be, always. No addition, no subtraction. God's done it and that's it. That's so we'll quit asking questions and simply worship in holy fear. 
Whatever was, is. 
Whatever will be, is. 
That's how it always is with God. 

Over the past several weeks, I have spent a lot of time questioning my "plans" in life. While I think I have great plans, I wonder if these are the plans God has for my life and I wonder if I am choosing the way that I will be able to "simply worship in holy fear" to the best of my ability. 

I have recently realized that in my feeble attempts to figure out God's plan for my life, I spend much time missing the great life that I am living. I know the Lord has amazing, wonderful things in store for me and I find myself so excited about these things that I often miss the opportunities I have right now to enjoy the great life I have... 

So here it goes, the point: I really want to strive to have a good time and get the most out of my life now instead of waiting around for the future. I mean, if in the Bible it lists eating, drinking and making the most of your job as God's gift, think of all the REALLY wonderful gifts out there for me right now!! 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me

Okay- It is all over Facebook. I finally gave in: 
  1. I have a major obsession with organizing things. If it could be a career path, I would major in it. 
  2. Each year when July rolls around, I count down the days until I can order new Franklin Covey planner pages. 
  3. My college roommates are amazing. I can't imagine surviving the past 5 years without them. 
  4. On my wedding day, I fell through the attic  ceiling into my mom's bedroom. I was looking for my passport for our cruise while a close friend was looking through our apartment. She found it, I screamed, jumped up and down in the crawlspace and BAM. 
  5. I went on a Construction mission trip to Bolivia in high school and to get there we traveled: 2 hour drive, 12 hour flight, 2 hour drive, 12 hour TRAIN ride, 5 hour drive. It was insane. 
  6. The movie Gremlins scarred me for life. 
  7. I have a knack for  musical instruments. I figure them out quite easily. 
  8. I married my high school sweet heart. We will be together 8 years in April. 
  9. In 5th grade I was a crossing guard for school. I allowed the elderly lady who supervised me to call me "Meyh-dee" all year. See # 13. 
  10. I am slightly competitive. Those who know me may think it is more than slight. 
  11. I love researching how to lose weight, get in shape etc. but am not the best at following through. 
  12. In 4th grade I carried around Barbra Streisand's autobiography everyday in my backpack until I finished it. She is amazing. 
  13. I try to avoid confrontation at all costs. 
  14. In first grade I was isolated from the class on a daily basis and put behind a screen. (Can they still do that???) 
  15. I picture myself as the mother of just boys one day, and loving it. 
  16. Nosebleeds disturb me greatly. 
  17. Converse College had a tremendous impact on who I am today. 
  18. I get by each day because of God's Grace and Love for me. 
  19. I love singing in groups, not a fan of singing alone. 
  20. My eyes are my favorite feature. 
  21. I love Braves baseball, but according to my husband "my favorites are chosen because of their names, their wives names and other hobbies, nothing to do with BASEBALL." 
  22. I read REALLY fast. 
  23. My one  big bad crazy thing I did in my life? Belly button pierced. Still is. 
  24. I love LOST. Maybe a little too much. 
  25. Even at the age of 23, going through my thoughts, I still found myself stopping and wondering what people would think of me. 

Rolling Along...

Life just keeps moving along. I can't believe how fast the school year has passed. It seems like a just started my new job, we just bought our home and still feels like we have been married just weeks. Life is wonderful, God has blessed us tremendously in so many ways and I feel so fortunate each day to call myself His child. 

We had a concert last night with the kids at Twichell auditorium that was fun. It was a quick easy thing, since we weren't the main event, it was relatively stress free! 

The weather outside is beautiful today, the laundry and other chores could not be finished quickly enough to get out!! I enjoyed a nice walk with our puppy Mac. She is getting so big and still isn't a fan of the leash, but we are working on it. I am looking forward to my upcoming weekend in Charleston for my music conference and then coming home to the marriage workshop at Central. 

Trying (yet again) to get back into the blogging. Maybe I will be successful this time!